Racism Today

     I think the amount of racism in the United States has gone down a very good amount since slavery and racial segregation.  There have been many improvements to our culture and the way we accept other races  now.  Before blacks and many other races didn’t have the same treatment or rights as the white americans but now for the most part they are all treated equally.  However there still is some racism going on today.  Many white people still look at the blacks in a different way and see them as not equal.  Even some black people are racist towards whites as well.  Another problem with racism today is that the minority races aren’t being represented well in the U.S. government.  Many black people don’t get elected because a lot of whites feel more comfortable electing someone of their own race.  Also racial minorities don’t usually recieve as good an education as whites because they live in less wealthy parts of cities and towns where not as many taxes are being collected to go towards education.  This makes it harder for them to advance and become more well represented in the government.  I think that over time more of these problems will become less prominent.  There are a number of blacks who don’t live in bad towns and cities and I believe more will start to appear as time progresses.  Even though we have seen huge improvements in racism since slavery and segregation it still exists.  I believe that racism will always be here just because of the nature of humans but more and more people will realize that it is wrong and the number will keep decreasing for a long time.

A Secret Place For Me Is…

A secret place for me is in the small compartment under the stairs in my basement.  Although I can still fit inside it there is not a lot of room to move around anymore now that I am older.  When I was younger I used to go in this compartment and play games and imagine all sorts of mystical and magical events taking place in there.  Another reason I used this place was when I wanted to be alone and undisturbed by the rest of my family.  Sometimes when I was sad or angry I would go in there and start imagining things and it would help cheer me up.  Even though this place wasn’t completely secret since my whole family knew about it, it was still secret for me because no one else would ever go in there.  Soon after it became my secret spot, I started bringing in toys, blankets and pillow so it would be even more exciting in there.  Also I brought in markers and would write on the wall and draw pictures from my imagination.  I think having this place when I was younger was really nice for me and I’m glad I decided to use it unlike the rest of my family.

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

I think that google isn’t making us stupider because it by choice that you use it and for researching something such as for a project people don’t just get quick answers like this implies.  They look over the separate links that are given and decide which they find to be most credible and they study that one and draw facts from it.  A lot of people do just use google to look things up for a quick answer but I don’t see anything wrong with that if they are just interested in a topic.  This isn’t stupid at all it’s just human curiosity which isn’t necessarily a bad thing all the time.  Also google helps us specify better than books can.  To me google is just a tool to enhance our learning and extend what we can do to help ourselves get more information.

Armed and Underage: Child Soldiers

I believe the whole idea of underage soldiers is just extremely cruel and it should be stopped as quickly as possible.  I feel if a country wants to lower the age, to lets say sixteen years old, for when a person could join the army that seems okay to me as long as it’s their choice to join.  This is more okay than what is going on now because most of the kids who are child soldiers now did not choose to become them and a lot of them are far younger than sixteen years old.  Another reason I find this crime to be terrible is the fact that each time a country uses child soldiers they just ruin the next generation by making them think it is okay.  Also a fact that strikes me as odd is that even our beloved America fights alongside countries who choose to use child soldiers.  And that  because of this some of our tax money could occasionally go towards employing a child soldier.  To me it just seems like a disgraceful thing to have so many children’s lives ruined and filled with only the thought of killing.

Why I Moved From Taiwan to Thailand and Back to America

Before I was born my dad got a promotion to further his career by taking a job that was offered to him in Taiwan.  When my whole family not including me was in Taiwan my mom got pregnant and i was born in Taiwan.  After he finished his two and a half year mission in Taiwan to work with international marketing for Eli Lilly we moved to Thailand so he could push his career even further.  He worked in Thailand for three years and when i was three and a half we moved back to America because his work overseas was done and his opportunities in America had increased.  This is the reason we moved to Taiwan then to Thailand and then back to America.  Since I was so young and am now unable to remember any of this it wasn’t much of a huge experience for me but it still seems awesome to me that I am able to say I was born in a different country and especially one like Taiwan, which is all the way around the other side of the world.

What’s really IMPORTANT?

A lot of times we find ourselves wanting things that we don’t really need like fancy cars, expensive clothes and different forms of entertainment.  But these things are beside what really matters like our family and friends.  If you really think about it we wouldn’t want most of these things if there weren’t other people to share it with or show off to.  If there was nobody to be with life would be very drab and boring because not all of these luxurious things would be here anyway.  So what’s really most important are the people around us and how we make sure we stay close to them instead of worry about the things they don’t have.

Christmas Carol, Mankind and Business

I think that the quote “Mankind was my business.  The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all my business,” means that Marley did not fulfill the life he wished to have.  He means that the work he did while he ignored his personal life was not real business at all.  Marley meant that he could have improved upon his lifestyle if he had realized how horrible his fate would be.  He wishes that he had provided more for others and not been so stuck on trying to be wealthy.  He should have been closer to his family and shared many of those things with them.  He should have been less greedy with his own money and given it up to the poor people of this world who are less fortunate.  Marley wished that he had shared feelings with the other people in the world.

The Giver, Advantages and Disadvantages of a Perfect Community

Spoiler Alert

One advantage to having a perfect community is that everything does not have to be as harsh.  This makes it easier for people to live because they don’t have to worry about how good they look.  That leads me to another advantage which would be that judging other people is prohibited and that makes it much better for those who aren’t as beautiful or as intelligent.  Some disadvantages to this community would be all of the sameness in itself.  This is because we do not have any choice and cannot make our own turns on the road of life.  Another disadvantage would be the loss of really knowing truth.  With this it also means you wouldn’t experience many feelings other then contentness.  Most other feelings had been washed away with the start of a utopia.  Without sadness, happiness, fear, pain, joy, excitement, nervousness and enjoyment you are not truly living at all.

7th Grade

I started seventh grade this year and so far it has been an exciting experience.  I hope to blog more this year but I don’t know if this will be accomplished.  I hope you guys continue to visit my blog as I try to up my blog posts.  Thank you.